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Default Re: atheism & freemasonry - can they coexist?

The belief in the 'supreme being' thing is just a part of the long and ancient rituals of Freemasonry. Yes, a Muslim can join, if their religion lets them! And Jews. 'The Great architect', 'supreme power', it's a part of it yes, but as the rituals are so ancient, because of their antiquity, they retain their 'god' belief. There is a huge 'G' hanging from the roof of a masonic temple. I can't tell you anymore or my hubby will have to take me out and kill me and cut me up into lots of bits and distribute my body parts all over the bloody place.

If you think of it as men partaking of ancient rituals that are metaphors and symbolic acts from the past, the god thing really isn't so huge a deal. My husband joined because his father is a mason and it is a part of his family tradition. (Hubby says the Catholics don't like Freemasonry cos the mason don't believe in Jesus Christ as God; he says some of the ritual is based on the OT, some on the NT... and religion has very little to do with it).
Fun, isn't it?
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