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  1. Abortion
  2. Is feminISM a brainwashing similar to ChristianISM?
  3. Why I don't respect feminists
  4. Female circumcision: happening here in Australia
  5. Breastfeeding in Public: For or against
  6. Women & Professional Sports
  7. On Women, Atheism, Attitudes & Inclusivity
  8. Rebecca Watson vs Richard Dawkins
  9. Sexism, atheism, all that
  10. Women will be banned from speaking at an Israeli conference - on gynecology.
  11. Pervasive violence against women in PNG
  12. Heck yeah, feminism's job is DONE!
  13. Unmarried, pregnant and sacked
  14. Abortion clinic protester jailed
  15. Grab a man or miss out, Church warns girls!
  16. The oppression of Saudi women and the Olympics
  17. Rep. Todd Akin: No pregnancy from 'legitimate rape'
  18. Sexism - A Guide For Politicians
  19. Woman dies in Irish hospital after being denied abortion
  20. The road to sexism is paved with good intentions
  21. All Things Sexist/ A Resource Thread
  22. Fired, after 10 years, because her boss thought she was too attractive
  23. Women bring violence on themselves: priest
  24. Rape is a serious word
  25. Another rape apologist?
  26. UN can't get its act together because of religion
  27. Apparently Adria Richards has only herself to blame for being fired...
  28. A musical interlude
  29. Atheists attend an Answers in Genesis Womens Conference
  30. Grandmothers Helping Us Live Longer.
  31. SBS Insight "Stalking" 16/7/13
  32. I am Deeply Saddened
  33. When Men Are Less Moral Than Women
  34. Arranged marriage in Yemen
  35. What it is like to be a Muslim woman, and why we know what freedom is (and you may no
  36. For anyone claiming "brain gender differences"...
  37. Be Careful Girls!
  38. Forced Marriages and Spoons in Airports.
  39. "The Global Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence
  40. Adam hills: the last leg rant
  41. Baby steps by Saudi Arabia
  42. What the fuck?
  43. 5 Gender Stereotypes That Used To Be the Exact Opposite
  44. Interesting question for input.
  45. Everyone has body image issues...
  46. Petition for Southern Poverty Law Center to stop abuse against trans gender women
  47. Woman Sues US Catholic Bishops
  48. Did lower wages drive/aid female employment?
  49. Still a long way to go in India...
  50. Scientific Diversity Interventions
  51. Lily Allen is back-hard-hitting as usual
  52. Domestic Violence
  53. Amnesty: Mozambique law would let rapists marry their victims
  54. Womens FGM hospital sponsored by Raelians - yes really!
  55. Purity balls - The Virgin Daughters documentary
  56. The danger of the monster myth (ABC)
  57. Responses to calling out sexist bullying...
  58. The Women's Health Book (RWH Melb)
  59. Nigerian girls' abduction
  60. Elliot Rodger
  61. Tara Moss: author, activist and defier of labels
  62. Mr Abbot's paid parental leave scheme an abomination
  63. Tony Jones should resign re his part in the NT intervention
  64. Petition to stop hanging of girls and women in India (warning: shocking photos)
  65. Purity culture - physical and symbolic purity
  66. NSW Womens refuge centres handed over to catholic church
  67. Federal Inquiry into Domestic violence in Australia
  68. Anti-abortion campaign fracturing on marriage equality - just a wedge?
  69. Understanding sexual harassment - for men.
  70. My Stealthy Freedom
  71. Trafficking women for the sex trade
  72. Inequality in sex crimes
  73. God is an Abusive Boyfriend (and You Should Break Up): The Book
  74. Feminist/atheist funnies......
  75. Putting women and girls at the center of development.[FREE]
  76. The Gender Wealth Gap
  77. White Ribbon and the MRA's
  78. Accessible Contraceptives for women in the World's poorest nations
  79. Quiverfull and the systemic abuse of women
  80. Should lying for sex be rape?
  81. Stella is gone.
  82. All about Women Festival Sydney Opera House
  83. Rape in India: Apparently the West & Christianity are to blame
  84. The FEMEN thread
  85. Virginity Test - Indonesian Police Force
  86. Why do some women identify as a "princess"?
  87. This is what happens when a women accepts compliment from men online
  88. Help me understand: perceived contemporary branding issue with Feminism
  89. Lumbersexuals and White Heteromasculine Pageantry
  90. Some interesting historical articles about women in science
  91. Kakenya Ntaiya exchanged female genital mutilation for an education, now runs school
  92. Qld Lnp: Womens lunch at men only club
  93. Arm shaving
  94. Sexual Harrassment rife in medicine
  95. International Women's Day 2015
  96. Be Reasonable podcast ep 26
  97. Preventive Ideas in Praxis
  98. Default use of male pronouns
  99. Jimmy Carter + former world leaders against the oppression of women by religion
  100. Helping males understand feminism.
  101. India... Again
  102. Afghan girls' empowerment through skateboards
  103. UN Report: Women still way behind
  104. OVERSPILL: "Modern feminism", Protein World and sexism
  105. Catholicism Undervalues Women
  106. Sex offender sent to work in schools
  107. In ERs, UTIs and STIs in women misdiagnosed, even mixed up nearly half the time
  108. Making Room for Women in our Tools for
  109. Cancer shame: Health disparities in the LGBTQ communities [FREE]
  110. The League of Remarkable Women in Science
  111. Women's Unclothed Breasts: Offensive?
  112. FGM is not a social coordination norm [Not free]
  113. Atheism does not equal rationality
  114. Abortion opposition is a religious stance. Atheists must help fight for choice
  115. Abortion Tourism, Qld style
  116. Top Scientist says Women don't understand Fracking
  117. Sexism by ultrasound?
  118. I'm not into horse racing, but ...
  119. Better sex for men who do this dishes [paywall]
  120. Resource Thread Overspill.
  121. Is Barbie a Feminist Now?
  122. Do Men Prioritize Family Time More Than Women?
  123. Destroy the Joint, sure, but feminism must include disability politics
  124. Hitting Home - Domestic Violence in Australia
  125. Naming and Shaming
  126. Tyson Fury, Boxer, Misogynist.
  127. These Women Were Slaughtered in Montreal Because One Man Hated Feminists
  128. Wimmins in Evolutionary Biology [FREE]
  129. Witches: It's always the women and children.
  130. A study in *coded language*
  131. Surrogacy the same as rape?
  132. No pregancy termination facilities in Western Missouri
  133. PNG police examine torture of women accused of killing man with witchcraft
  134. lying for god
  135. More Women in gun-toting states get to see the sweet baby Jesus earlier.
  136. Fear at worst, submission at best: A story of family violence and the Pentecostal chu
  137. Abortion rights blocked by the religious in Sierra Leone
  138. The AntiFeminist Spokesperson Lauren Southern
  139. Male biology students are tools because....[OPEN/FREE downloads]
  140. Kellerman
  141. Women against violence in Turkey
  142. A wife is just like a wallet
  143. Queensland law should reflect public support for abortion
  144. Anti-SJW's
  145. Social Justice Warriors
  146. Why putting women on banknotes should make us feel uneasy
  147. QLD:12yo granted right to abort
  148. A Woman's Carriage
  149. Faithful Women: Lived Religion and Citizenship, Gender Equality and Feminism
  150. Gun Control: A Feminist Issue
  151. The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness
  152. For the Golfers amongst us (Men only of course)
  153. Cannes overspill posts
  154. Banning the Burqa
  155. MGTOW's on Reddit.
  156. 'Its ok he was only a nigger'
  157. Feminist Fight Club
  158. Monday 7 November
  159. Abortion vs homophobia
  160. Women take over Wikipedia
  161. Traditional Gender Roles
  162. #ICantKeepQuiet
  163. Russia to tackle domestic violence
  164. Dianne Munday on abortion activism
  165. Girls are stupid because of "nurture", not nature. [Not free]
  166. The Trump Effect
  167. AFLW
  168. Beating is a last resort!
  169. Bullied for being straight?
  170. Gender Imbalance
  171. Abortion in Queensland to remain a crime WTF?
  172. International women's day
  173. raise your hand if you are surprised
  174. Positive Results of Gender Inclusion
  175. Isn't inequality nothing but nature?
  176. Tabbot Foundation telephone abortion service is safe and effective, review finds
  177. Hillary Clinton at 'Women in the World'
  178. I guess stupidity has no limits
  179. The conservative young men who need a trigger warning when women are around
  180. Arab men and gender equality study
  181. 11 Years Old, a Mom, and Pushed to Marry Her Rapist in Florida
  182. SYD: Xtian Women's Conference Walkout
  183. Why women-only screenings of Wonder Woman signal the end of men
  184. Hate crimes against Muslim girls
  185. Abortion laws 'forcing women to stay in violent relationships'
  186. False, salacious, racist. ABC reporting on Central Australia
  187. Jane Caro's thoughts on Putin, Trump and misogyny
  188. Manel: It's A Word
  189. Sweden to hold 'man-free' music festival
  190. In Arkansas, Women Now Need Permission From Men To Get Abortions
  191. half of women who use social media say they have been sexually victimized
  192. God Of Spousal Abuse
  193. Gender makes a world of difference for safety on public transport
  194. Long Jail Stretch For A Short Skirt? Saudi Crimes Of Fashion
  195. QLD: LNP Shocked By Gender Inequality On Parole Board
  196. Film: Birthright - A War Story
  197. India's all-women police fighting sexual harassment
  198. Pakistan village council orders 'revenge rape' of girl
  199. Malaysia MP: 'Denying husbands sex is abuse'
  200. Indo-Australian Dowry Abuse
  201. Rock != Cock
  202. Maryam al-Otaibi: Saudi anti-guardianship campaigner freed from detention
  203. SAUDI ARABIA: Take a Tour of TekSpacy, Riyadh’s Women-Only Maker Space
  204. Cafe divides internet with gender surcharge
  205. Fuck You Billabong. Seriously, fuck you.
  206. A Brief History of Blood Coming Out of Her Wherever
  207. The e-mail Larry Page should have written to James Damore
  208. QLD: Women Travelling Interstate for Pregnancy Terminations
  209. INDIA: Islamic Insta-divorce Unconstitutional
  210. Pakistan is no place for a female.
  211. DNA evidence proves "male" Viking warrior actually a woman
  212. Indonesian woman caned after adultery conviction in Aceh sharia court
  213. GAZA: Women's Circus School - a step forward
  214. TUNISIA: Women free to marry non-Muslims
  215. SAUDI: Ladies, Start Your Engines (Eventually)
  216. AUS: Fed Police attempt to redress gender imbalance
  217. POLAND: Police raid offices of women's groups after protests
  218. History: The Lucy Stone League
  219. Victim virtually married to rapist
  220. Canberra: Pervs' Paradise?
  221. India: Supreme Court rules sex with child bride is rape
  222. Pregnancy Control by Mail Order - Safe, Discreet, Named After....
  223. BBC - Why does the USA have so many child brides?
  224. Women's rights threatened by fundamentalism and the far right, study finds
  225. Apologies, but I need to unload.
  226. EGYPT: Where Patriots Are Rapey
  227. PORTUGAL - Bible Used To Justify Wife-Bashing
  228. EGYPT: Where Daddies Can Be Rapey Too
  229. USA - Texas Mass Shooter Was A Family Abuser
  230. 19 yo girl sells virginity for 3.9 million
  231. SCOTLAND: Police outreach to women in toxic relationships
  232. Mansplaining - Or Whatever It's Called Over There
  233. AUS: Clergy Wives Speak Out About Abuse
  234. CHINA: Submissiveness School For Women Closed
  235. Men have been pushing women out of tech since the beginning
  236. EAST TIMOR: Contraception Ban for Singles?
  237. GROPERGATE: Next Stop, Parliament House
  238. AUS: Hidden Family Violence in Hindu & Sikh Communities
  239. QLD: Law Reform Commission - pregnancy termination laws
  240. Mexico confronts surge in violence against women [plus vid]
  241. Islamic republic and mandatory hijab
  242. This has done my head in
  243. TAS: Tasmania's only abortion clinic closes, putting pressure on government
  244. Feminism confirmed A "win-win" for everyone. [FREE]
  245. MEL: 19th-Century Sex Workers, Co-Operatives, and Community
  246. From Unschooled Doomsdayer Recluse, to Harvard & Cambridge
  247. MEL: Man accused of enslaving wife committed to stand trial
  248. QLD: Pro-Choice Volunteers Countering Religious Picketers With Chocolate, Chaperones
  249. Lawrence Krauss Faces Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct
  250. How verbal abuse of Tara Costigan escalated to murder