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Old 18th January 2012, 03:15 PM
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Post I am healing myself naturally

'Interesting' article:-


Jessica Ainscough said
“I was diagnosed with a rare, ‘incurable’ cancer at 22. At 26, I am healing myself naturally.” In 2008, when I was 22 years old, I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called epithelioid sarcoma in my left hand and arm.
I was living in Sydney at the time and working as the online editor for DOLLY magazine. I was living an ideal life for someone in their early twenties – burning the candle at both ends, paying no attention to how my actions could affect my health, but having a whole lot of fun while I was at it.

Followed by a telling comment

milly, perth said
dangerous thinking, on 18/01/2012 2:05:24 PM
Im in natural health care and unfortunately have to deal with palliative care patients who tried to "cure themselves' of their cancers. Im a huge advocate for prevention is better than cure and that the lifestyle you lead will give you the health you deserve. Being super healthy is a great preventative for most disease including genetic and other cancers but it is not a cure. Cancer is a cell mutation, the only way to get rid of it is to kill it or cut it out. You cant reverse it. If you could, chemo wouldn't exist. Definitely taking care of yourself as this young woman is will help your body cope with any more aggressive treatment better, but on its own it wont "cure" cancer. I've lost too many patients who've used that theory. The lesson here is in the preventative lifestyle factors and preventing disease, not the unfortunate misguided process after it all goes wrong.

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Old 18th January 2012, 04:07 PM
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Default Re: I am healing myself naturally

There is little doubt that a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of getting some types of cancer, and healthy eating etc can't hurt if one is a cancer patient.

But cancer is a form of breakdown in the cooperation between the cells in one's body that the immune system and other evolved systems have failed to keep in check. It is a combination of genetic mutations, epigenetics and environment [often including pathogens as well as physical factors].

So healthy living will be unlikely to totally reverse the damage done. If the wrong proteins are being expressed via damage to structural or regulatory genes, then chemotherepy, radiotherepy [and in the future] somatic genetic therepies will only effect a cure or substantial remission.

Spontaneous remissions do occur, but like all reverse evolution, are extremely rare. At least some claims of "healthy living" could be due to spontaneous remission, IMHO.

As the comment by "milly" notes, these sort of statements are highly dangerous and misleading, and "lifestyle choices" can only at best contribute in a minor way to recovery from a cancer. Professional oncologists know what they are doing are are simply the best bet to survive a cancer.
Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.
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Old 5th February 2012, 02:38 PM
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Default Re: I am healing myself naturally

I was thinking of writing a blogpost about this (particularly its appearance in Dolly magazine / being by a former Dolly editor, thus aimed at young women) - but then I read a horrid blogpost by a fellow skeptic... ... and thought that she's just had someone write insensitive, bullying things about her already and if she was at all keen to discuss it further, it wasn't going to be aided by more people piling on.

You are absolutely right about the comments on that account of her being more pro-health than pro-alt med though. I hope that people who read what she's written do check out those nicer comments which are politely attempting to challenge the dangerous claims she's making.
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