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Old 2nd March 2017, 12:50 PM
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Default Religious fanatics vandalise Toowong war memorial

Religious fanatics vandalise Toowong war memorial

Religious fanatics have vandalised an Australian war memorial at Toowong over what they said were its "blasphemous" overtones.

The attack on the Cross of Sacrifice, which has stood since 1924, has outraged Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and led to the Catholic Worker movement member Jim Dowling being taken into police custody on Thursday morning.

Mr Dowling's wife, Anne Rampa, defended the actions of her husband, who removed the sword, and 22-year-old Greenslopes man Tim Webb, who placed the sword in an anvil to reshape it into a garden hoe.

When asked what the difference between their actions and the actions of the Taliban in Afghanistan, where the ancient Buddhas of Bamiyan were destroyed, and Islamic State's more recent destruction of "blasphemous" artefacts in Palmyra, Syria, Ms Rampa said: "We're Christian."
My bold.
Well that's ok then. Wait, does someone think they are above the law?

"We're not attacking another religion," she said.

"We're trying to bring our own religion back to its proper and rightful position in terms of the violence of war."

Ms Rampa, who said she was present as the vandalism took place, said they chose Ash Wednesday to carry out the attack on the monument because it was the beginning of Lent, a time for Catholic reflection.

"We are very shocked by the presence of the sword on the cross, which is completely antithetical to what Jesus said," she said.

"It's really blasphemous to put it there, even though it's been there a long time.

"The guy who designed it was apparently trying not to glorify war, but he obviously hadn't read the gospels and didn't understand that putting a sword in the place of Jesus was an insult to Jesus."

The memorial honoured fallen Australian soldiers and the man credited as being the founder of Anzac Day, Canon David Garland.

Cr Quirk said council officers attended the scene on Wednesday night after his office was alerted to the act by Fairfax Media and confirmed the damage.

Police were then called.

"I am appalled at the vandalism that has occurred at the Toowong War Memorial in the lead-up to Anzac Day," Cr Quirk said.

"Canon Garland is the architect of Anzac Day and this destruction is disrespectful to him and to all fallen soldiers and returned service men and women."

Cr Quirk said Canon Garland Place had great historical significance, as it served as the focus of Queensland's Anzac Day commemorations until the completion of the Anzac Square in the CBD in 1930.

"Council's stonemason will inspect the damage today but we are hopeful it can be repaired in time for this year's Anzac Day ceremonies," he said.

Cr Quirk said the council would also seek reimbursement of costs from the alleged offenders through the courts.

In an emailed statement, sent to Fairfax Media along with photographs of the desecration on Wednesday night, Mr Dowling said he would "willingly accept any consequences of this call to repentance".

"Jesus's last words to his disciples before he was taken away were 'put away your sword'," he said.

"For the first three centuries, his followers largely obeyed these words and refused to kill their enemies.

"With the conversion of Emperor Constantine all this changed, and ever since Christians have blessed countless wars, and even lead their own.

"We come here today to repent all wars blessed by the Christian churches. We come to remove the sword from the cross on which our saviour was crucified.

"We come to beat it into a 'ploughshare', in this case a garden hoe. The ploughshare is a symbol of life. The sword is a symbol of death. We choose life."

A police spokesman said investigations into the two men were continuing.

A spokesman for the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane said the Catholic Workers were a "group of lay people" with no ties to the Archdiocese.

"The Archdiocese supports any police investigation into this matter," he said.

"The cemeteries of Brisbane mean a lot to the families and friends of the deceased. These sites should be treated with the utmost respect."

Comment has been sought from the Australian War Memorial.

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Old 2nd March 2017, 03:27 PM
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Default Re: Religious fanatics vandalise Toowong war memorial

wolty said View Post
Religious fanatics vandalise Toowong war memorial

My bold.
Well that's ok then. Wait, does someone think they are above the law?
If it talks like fanatic...
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Old 2nd March 2017, 03:39 PM
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Default Re: Religious fanatics vandalise Toowong war memorial

Stubby said View Post
If it talks like fanatic...
I can't think of a single faith or cult [particularity monotheistic ones] that does not believe ecclesiastic law trumps the laws of the State, at least in terms of "conscience". In terms of actual defiance or breaking of [State] laws, the conversion of conscience into action is less clear, and probably depends on the presence of other religions, the level of secular traditions [or lack of them], on how important individuals regard the contradiction between god's law and human law is.
Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.
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