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Default Re: President Donald Trump

Sorry to derail but I'd like to add in my own language...

Shimmeris Donald Trump iskhus sarcius nasikharas.

"Donald Trump is like the Emperor in his New Clothes."
Simulacris suretsy instelleres.

"Integrity always."
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Default Re: President Donald Trump

I know you shouldnt read too much into photos but he looks completely exhausted and terribly unhappy. Seven days to go. I actually feel a little anxious about how this trip is going to end. He's so out of his depth i almost feel sorry for him...almost.
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Default Re: President Donald Trump

Goldenmane said View Post
wolty said View Post
Annie subscribes to John Birmingham so you get what isn't publicly available all the time.

More at link. https://medium.com/@JohnBirmingham/5abba0a25cae

As humiliating as it would be getting serially cucked by Donald Trump, our very own Studs Trumble must crawl into his monogrammed bedtime romper every night and offer up a prayer of thanks to the Shoggoth Daemon to which he promised his immortal soul as payment for blowing such a loud and discordant tune on its enormous orange fuck-trumpet. What better way to distract from the slow motion train wreck of the PMísí bright and shining political ambitions than cranking up the soundtrack on the hyper-accelerated dumdum bullet-train wreck of Fuckface von Clownstickís bonfire of insanities? I mean seriously, what a fucking week. Only dark magic and the sacrifice of human souls can explain these things now.

Remember that time when the American president did a solid for his case officer Vladimir, by inviting the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the Oval Office? The Ambassador who is also a career intelligence officer? And he banned American reporters? And let Russian photographers with bags full of exciting electronics crawl all over the place? But it didnít matter if any of them were moonlighting for the GRU or FSB because before they could even plant any monitoring equipment the dangerous idiot in chief had already douchebragged away the best details of double-plus secret Mossad intelligence about ISIS plans to blow up a bunch of western airliners with laptop bombs?

But that was cool because the President sent his replacement National Security Advisor out to promise that he didnít do that and it didnít happen, because it was fake news, and then a couple of hours later, he tweeted that he did do it, but by then it was disloyal leaking, but no, ha-ha just kidding, he was joking. And finally he did it on purpose and thatís totally fine because heís the president and youíre not, so heís allowed to, fuck you very much.

Yeah, that was Monday.
I haz a new favourite...
I thought I was reading your words for a moment there GM!
If all human suffering is caused due to the original sin, then God needs to grow up.
After all it was only a piece of fruit that was stolen thousands of years ago.
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Default Re: President Donald Trump

Not directly Donald-related, but the sick burn at the end will put us right back on topic:

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands has been on the throne since 2013 and, since he was a child, interested in aviation. This isn't exactly a secret, since he once publicly appeared as a guest pilot on a KLM commercial flight. The secret is just how into it he truly is.

This week Willem-Alexander revealed that in fact he's been secretly copiloting passenger flights for 21 years, including several during his reign. "I find flying simply fantastic," he told De Telegraaf, according to the BBC.

The king never tried to hide his presence in the cockpit. He said he just never identified himself explicitly to KLM passengers, even if some may have recognized his voice during announcements.

(Snipperata... wait for it!)

Imagine living in a country whose head of state doesn't have the attention span of a larval fly, and can operate complex machinery with grace and poise and without bringing attention to himself.

The world's got everything in it,
It's got variety without limit:
It's got trees, and plains and asphalt chicanes,
It's got a game, and you might win it...
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Default Re: President Donald Trump

pipbarber said View Post
I know you shouldnt read too much into photos but he looks completely exhausted and terribly unhappy. Seven days to go. I actually feel a little anxious about how this trip is going to end. He's so out of his depth i almost feel sorry for him...almost.
I do no think he would agree that; he appears to lack the perception required to determine depth.

'[They] agreed that it was neither possible nor necessary to educate people who never questioned anything.' ― Joseph Heller, Catch-22

'While on the other hand, dachshunds are always out of their depth.' - Cyclist

'I'm 'a' problem, not 'the' problem.' - Wolty

'You have to be odd to be number one.' - Dr Suess
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