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Education How it is and how it should be. The current system and those attempting to subvert it.

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Old 10th November 2016, 06:57 AM
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Default Re: Teacher Employment Discrimination Based on OffDuty Lawful Sexual Practices/Expres

cravingescape said View Post
Here's my disclaimer - most of what I am about to say is just and opinion and anecdotal, but is also based on my background in community service work, knowing several male teachers and being a mum of primary school aged children in QLD and dealing with other parents.
Great information! Thanks, CravingEscape It sounds like Australia is very similar to the U.S., although Queensland's Anti-Discrimination Act seems much better in the sense that it protects against 'lawful sexual activity.' The fact that the government/politicians would include such protections and allow lawful prostitution makes me like Australia more, although it is odd that most states and territories of Australia consider porn illegal. It almost seems like the Northern Territory might be the most sexually-tolerant (politically speaking) in the sense that it appears to be one of only a few areas of Australia where both porn and private, self-employed prostitution are legal.

cravingescape said View Post
I didnít notice if you said what age level you teach Ė primary or secondary. Either way, I would say you would encounter some degree of discrimination, if not from the system, from the parents if anyone found out. Not all of course, but the ones who would take offense could well be the rowdy trouble makers. And I am unsure how much the system would then back you up.
I tutor/teach grades 6 through 12, and early university students. In the United States, that is mostly ages 11-19. I don't care if the parents discriminate. After all, I can only take on so many students each semester. Moreover, I fully support a parent's free choice to use whomever they want to tutor their kids (or for any other service). However, when it comes to the state/government, I'm looking for a country where the system itself doesn't discriminate. It's one thing for a parent to say they don't want to use me, but it's entirely another thing for a publically-funded school to discriminate against me as an employee, citizen, or anything else based on my lawful, off-duty conduct, sexual or otherwise.

By analogy, I'm not a parent, but if I were I wouldn't want a religious person tutoring my kid (e.g., displays a lack of critical thinking and reasoning skills), but I also wouldn't want the government to deny that person a job or any other benefit to which he or she may be entitled, especially if that person is paying taxes and supporting the system.

You mentioned that QLD didn't decriminalize homosexual sex acts until 1990. Well, the United States has you beat. It had to be decriminalized by our court system (the legislature wouldn't even touch the topic) in a 2003 case called Lawrence v. Texas, and the decision was a 5-4 vote.

As a previous commenter mentioned, it seems like Australia is somewhere in between the United States and Germany, although I'd put it slightly closer to Germany given what I have learned from this thread.

Annie said View Post
Although it's not tropical, have you thought about New Zealand? They seem a bit more tolerant than us.
Yes, I did look into New Zealand. I agree the society is more progressive than Australia, but the weather is too cold for me, even at the very tip of the country. If the weather were no option, then I would move to the Netherlands, Germany, or Finland -- all secular, sexually-free societies. However, I know myself and my need to be warm, even if it means living in a more religious, less-free society.

Annie said View Post
Somewhere between $50 -$70 I'd say.
Good to know. It is very similar to the United States. I charge $75, but I'm on the high end.

Annie said View Post
In the 80's I worked for the Dept of Aboriginal Affairs in Alice Springs which is smack in the middle of Australia. I worked with fabulous indigenous folk and traveled between many Aboriginal Communities. It was a new adventure every day and I loved it. Some of my best memories come from my days at work there.
Cool! I know of Alice Springs. In America, we have a restaurant called "The Outback Steakhouse," which advertises as an Australian-themed restaurant. They have a menu item called "Alice Springs Chicken". It's actually pretty good

I did look into Alice Springs, but it's way too remote and sparsely populated for me.

Excuse my supreme ignorance of the Aboriginal population, but do they speak English and are they non-violent? I've heard that Darwin has a "problem" with Aboriginals. I don't know what that means. I understand there are a lot of bar fights and public drunkenness there, is that primarily from Aboriginals, non-Aboriginals, or both? Do the Aboriginal populations and everyone else get along with each other? Do they attend the same schools as non-Aboriginals? Do Aboriginals and Non-Aboriginals date/marry? Is there more violence within Aboriginals groups, or across Aboriginals and Non-Aboriginals? What should I know about Aboriginals? This is one area where I have absolutely no knowledge.

Some other social /political questions for all of you:

1. Is Abortion an issue in Australia/Queensland? Here in the United States, the large religious population (which greatly influences our politics) is continually trying to restrict a woman's access to abortion (and often times contraception!). Thankfully, our court system has supported a woman's right to choose by consistently invalidating legislation that attempts to hinder that right. However, with the recent election of Donald Trump, the balance of the court is likely to shift to a point where abortion rights likely will be in jeopardy. Does Australia have similar challenges with the abortion issue, or has the public health viewpoint prevailed to where abortion is a non-issue?

2. What about Gay Marriage? Can Australian/Queensland homosexuals get married, or at least get the same legal protections offered to those of married heterosexual couples?

3. What about sex education is Australian/Queensland state schools? Do they use a science-based comprehensive sex education model, which includes discussion of contraception, condom use, LGBT issues, and more; or, do they use a religion-based abstinence-only sex education model, which basically tells kids "just don't do it," a model which the scientific community has proven to be highly ineffective?

4. Is embryonic stem cell research an issue in Australia/Queensland? There is significant science-based support for this research, but the religion/politics of the United States continues to block developments in this area because religious people here think embryos are people and have souls. This hinders the cure to debilitating diseases including Parkinson's and others. Are you aware of whether or not Australian medical research firms and universities are able to do embryonic stem cell research?

5. Are condoms or other forms of contraception made available to students in state schools? In other words, if a high school student was planning to have sex but didn't want his or her parents to know, would that student be able to obtain contraception (e.g, pill, condom, etc.) from the school nurse's office?

6. Do most Australians believe climate change is real or a hoax?

7. Do Australians have a "right to die." In other words, are people able to obtain physician-assisted suicide in Australia/Queensland?

I'm just trying to get an idea of how progressive/secular Australian society is, especially in Queensland, compared to the United States.

And thanks again to everyone for commenting. I'm really looking forward to the continued discussion and hopefully meeting all of meeting you when I visit Brisbane/Gold Coast this June/July!
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