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Default Re: All Things Sexist/ A Resource Thread

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5 Ways The MRA Indoctrinates New Members With Cult Tactics

If you've spent any time on the internet, which you probably have considering you are on it right now, you may have encountered the special brand of internet civilians that call themselves Men's Rights Activists. They hang out in a place called The Red Pill, which is a group on Reddit that describes itself as a "Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men." In other words, men aren't getting laid like they used to, and that makes them mean mad!

When I first heard about The Red Pill I wrote it off as simply another group of sexually frustrated baby boys who hate women. While their arguments were infuriating, I figured they were essentially a sad dad's club with little effect on people outside their group. But I did a little more investigating and after looking into it I realized The Red Pill is more harmful than I had thought. It's basically a cult. You know, like Scientology.

In May 1997, Philip Zimbardo published a piece for the American Psychological Association titled "What Messages Are Behind Today's Cults?" The practices of The Red Pill line up with Zimbardo's findings. A former Red Pill member even wrote an entry in the RedPillDetox group about how he believed he had been brainwashed into joining a cult when he was a part of the group. Also, the fact that a RedPillDetox exists for ex-members to help each other deprogram their beliefs doesn't bode well for the MRA's existence. While there isn't a quantitative list of what defines a cult, experts in psychology agree on a few telltale signs. Perhaps this is why Scientology views psychiatry as the enemy and bringer of death.

And guess what? Much like Scientology, The Red Pill fits the description of a cult in a disturbing way. Cults are not only harmful to society but for its members as well. In fact, it may be arguably more harmful to its members than for the friends and family they've isolated themselves from. The Red Pill's existence is like a studded butt plug that everyone has to share. So how exactly is it a cult? Well ...

"Nobody Decides To Join A Cult." -Philip Zimbardo

Much like hipsters in 2007, you can spot one by how mad it gets when you call it a hipster. Cults don't call themselves cults. They call themselves churches, or clubs, or your friends.

Two common recruiting tactics The "Church" of Scientology uses are stress tests and personality tests. They target people who suffer from blocks in their relationships, career, and other endeavors ... so just about any person who is alive enough to operate a number two pencil. When new recruits take these tests (which are in no way scientific) the recruiters can tailor their pitch to present a religion that is an exact fit for their insecurities. Members join Scientology to seek a better life and are promised a path to achieving their goals through the church.

The Red Pill is similar, but instead of self-actualization, their goals revolve around boner distribution. Said ExRedPill on his experience, "I was joining a cool fucking group of cool fucking guys who were going to teach me how to do cool fucking things like getting laid." You can imagine how this might be appealing to someone that hasn't had much luck with women in the past. The Red Pill, like Scientology, preys on the insecurities of people to recruit new members into their cult.

What separates The Red Pill and Scientology from any another community group looking to grow its members? According to Zimbardo, "They become 'cults' when they are seen as deceptive, defective, dangerous, or as opposing basic values of their society." Which brings me to ...
More at link.
very interesting, thanks Wolty. Reading that I recalled Mr1001 nights on another thread was a proponent of the so-called mystery method, which is basically trying to lock eye contact with every passing woman as a non-verbal proposition until finding a receptive female who will give him what he wants. It turns out that the mystery method is a redpill tactic.
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Default Re: All Things Sexist/ A Resource Thread

Offensive male behaviour retold as satire: Nevertheless, He Persisted: Tales of Masculine Perseverance

Even after two too many after-work old-fashioneds, Jim Talbott, 33, sensed that the woman on the Brooklyn-bound L Train was not quite as attracted to him as he was to her. She didn’t smile or thank him when he told her, slurringly, that her dress was “real nice.” Instead, she plugged her ears with ear-buds and turned the volume all the way up. “Is that Beyoncé?” he asked, twice, to no reply. He guessed he should probably stop talking to her, should stop staring at her legs, should absolutely not follow her off the train when she rushed out at First Avenue. Nevertheless, he persisted.
More at linky. You may groan.

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