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Education How it is and how it should be. The current system and those attempting to subvert it.

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Default Sikh-Ethos Scools?

Here's an interesting article from the UK, if nothing else I think it goes to clearly highlight the basic lack of comprehension inherent in religious thought;


Ok here's the basic story;

More than 20 pupils have been allocated places at a Sikh-ethos free school in Leeds that they did not choose, amid a shortage of school places.
One parents position;

Martin Wheatley's five-year-old daughter is one of the children allocated a reception place at the school, which opened in September 2013 and is currently based on a temporary site in Chapeltown, three miles from his home.

He said: "We strongly believe in education being secular and not based on any one faith - and we expressly stated in our original application that we wanted a non-religiously affiliated education for our daughter.
Now that seems quite clear to me, he goes to say furtherl

"Our nearest catchment school is a Church of England school, so we opted for the nearest non-religious school which is only an additional 50m further from our home.
So it's clear the parent wants secular education with no religious trappings, the body that runs the school says;

On its website, the Khalsa Free School stresses it is not a faith school, adding: "We are firmly committed to developing our pupils' understanding and appreciation of the diverse world in which they live."
So they denythe school is a faith school, but then go on to say;

The website says: "Education has been the foundation of the Sikh faith, as the literal translation of the word 'Sikh' is a learner for life. The Sikh Gurus expressed that the spiritual and secular life should co-exist.

"For Sikhs, education not only prepares students for work and life in society but also supports spiritual growth. Education is understood by Sikhs to raise aspirations and personal standards, encourage self-awareness and humility, and inspire all to seek a greater purpose in life."
Note the highlighted parts, the parent cleary wants a secular education with none of the religious trappings associated with faith schools, but the very mention of spiritual and spirituality are the trappings of relious thought, if the parent is an atheist and the child is an atheist I would suggest that thisis infringing on his liberty to raise his child without being brainwashed by religious thought, this is clearly not a secular education.

To rub salt into the wound the schol goes on to say;

"A lot of people see Sikh and immediately think it is a faith school. Actually it is a Sikh-ethos school and the religious education that they offer is very much like a Church of England school, only this school teaches about more faiths than many Church of England schools."
WTF don't these people understand about a clearly expresed desire for a secular education? if it has religious education "like a church of england school" then it's a faith based school, oh they might claim it's not based on a particular faith, but I hear alarm bells ringing.

If it's so much like a church of england school why not shift some pupils from the church of england school to make room for some church of england children who were unable to fit into that syste, and had to go to the secular school and allow the parents who want thier children to have a secular education to go to the secular school.

The spokesman for the school said;

The spokeswoman added: "We have had eight parents out of these 22, who have been allocated a place at the school without putting it down as a choice, [have] come in and seen the school and they say they are now happy that their children are going to the school."
Obviously he's good at maths, or is he? So 8 parents are happy, therefore screw the other 12 parents who aren't happy even though that is a larger number than 8?

The government said;

"These new schools give parents the power to demand more for their children and for this reason they are incredibly popular, with the average free school oversubscribed three to one."
So oversubscribed, in fact, that they have to force unwilling children and parents into what is obviously a faith based school, I have seen government double speak before, but that's ridiculous.

The voice of reason.

Stephen Evans, of the National Secular Society, said: "Rather than wasting public money on unwanted faith-based free schools, the government should be ensuring that where school places are needed, they're created in inclusive and religiously neutral schools."
Oh yes, there are currently 47 pupils at Khalsa Science Academy. Of the 30 pupils allocated a place at Khalsa Science Academy for next year, only eight named it as a choice.
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