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Ask an atheist Want to know atheists' viewpoints on things? Want to better understand the atheist worldview?
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Old 10th September 2009, 12:23 AM
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Default Re: Death

but how would that benefit you, a zombie is simply some form of mindless autonomous functional you yourself would still be dead for all intents and purposes, you likely see them in shopping centres, parks seems totally pointless
A bit like my life now...so its a kind of live forever immortality thing.

Godless Ray
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Old 10th September 2009, 12:31 AM
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Default Re: Death

but godless,..

nobody lives for ever
An atheist hears a voice in their head, they're delusional.
A theist hears a voice in their head and it's providence.
mmm go figure

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Old 11th September 2009, 05:10 PM
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Default Re: Death

For me drowning, ears bleeding (Im very thingy about my ears since i was a kid 'couse i've had so many ear aches NOBODY touches my ears or i will get violent), Suffocation and Listening to my religious friend crap on and on and on....

P.S I hate doctors putting things in my ear...it creeps me out so any ear related problem/death can do xD
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Old 11th September 2009, 08:24 PM
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Default Re: Death

robertkd said View Post
but godless,..

nobody lives for ever
Not yet. However,I'm convinced I will be the exception.
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Old 11th September 2009, 08:56 PM
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Default Re: Death

Seamus said View Post
Not yet. However,I'm convinced I will be the exception.
I'm immortal when I'm dead so that means I'm another exception. Nonexistent things are immortal.
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Old 17th August 2017, 01:34 PM
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Default Re: Death

tandytripper said View Post
Sort of going along the lines of recent threads ie: Funerals....

I am wondering just what sort of death (way of dying) would freak you out?

To start off, for me it would be the thought of spontaneously combusting, especially if on that day, I had worn crappy shoes.
The sort of death that freaks me is Universal, i.e. accordance to Superstring Theory.
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