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Old 21st January 2013, 12:30 PM
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Default FoneCube are DODGY Telemarketers pretending to be Telstra.

I just got a call from some telemarketers. I was of the absolute opinion they were calling from Telstra. After FINALLY speaking to the callers SECOND supervisor (that's three people all up) I FINALLY get them to admit they were a private independent company, NOT Telstra. The deal was OK, but as I rarely ever use the phone the cost was going to go UP for me. They were from FoneCube and I'm not happy. I had to ask THREE different people if this was an automatic Telstra service upgrade (as they were trying to convince me without actually saying it) before they told me they were independent and wanting to take over my account. If I made heaps of local and STD calls to landlines it would have been cheaper, but when I told them my bill is $59.90 for line rental with thirty GB of internet traffic, and only a handful of calls he wanted to get ME off the phone ASAP.
BASTARDS! I've registered with https://www.donotcall.gov.au/ , but that will take a few weeks to come into effect. I HATE YOU BASTAGES! I nearly "agreed" to effectively put my phone bill up by about $15 because I was led to believe that this was a compulsory Telstra service 'upgrade' that was going to happen automatically.
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Old 21st January 2013, 12:54 PM
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Default Re: FoneCube are DODGY Telemarketers pretending to be Telstra.

See, this is where Twitter excels. You put that sort of thing out there, with a hashtag of #Telstra #telstrafail #scam etc. it will be passed around so fast, everyone becomes aware of it and something usually gets done about it.

It's excellent for exposing scams and shams and big companies hate having their name bandied about in a bad light on Twitter so they usually do something about it.

Sorry that happened to you, SC but glad you didn't go for it
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Old 21st January 2013, 07:00 PM
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Yeah, we get that one occasionally too.

It can be confusing because occasionally Telstra calls to review our account and see if we've got the appropriate package etc - which I don't mind, because there's been a couple of times when we've saved money for a better option.
The scam douchebags always try to insinuate that they are from Telstra or that they have been engaged by Telstra to review the account's current charges.. The easiest way to ensure that they are is to ask for details of your account.. Ask them what your account number is, or if they can confirm that they have your current address.. Or how much your last payment was etc.. If they say they have no idea or don't have access to it, hang up.
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