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Thread: Atheism Resource Thread

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    NEW 'The Missing Gene of Reason' Brian McNiven

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    Quote mac1 said View Post
    NEW 'The Missing Gene of Reason' Brian McNiven
    Quite a good book. Lots of research on the history of the various religions.
    Good resource. Pass on the karma and buddhist aspects though.
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    the two links for penn & teller bullshit have been removed from youtube

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    Why there is no god - Responses to common theist arguments

    This page presents concise rebuttals to the most common arguments and claims made by theists. It also includes relevant links to additional resources. A small number of points deal specifically with Christianity, however the vast majority are applicable to all forms of theism. Links marked with (must watch) or (must read) are considered particularly good at expanding on a topic.

    Be sure to view the Additional Links and Quotes pages. If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them at the bottom of the page.

    As author I hereby forfeit copyright and declare the content of this page, excluding images and quotes, part of the public domain.

    For a similar list see: Iron Chariots – 50 reasons to believe in God.
    Also a useful Subreddit -

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