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Thread: Another set-back for rationality and reason

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    Default Another set-back for rationality and reason

    It seems to have been deemed a 'war' because the pope is being touted as winning a battle against the British Government with its anti-discrimination amendments. It no longer amazes me what the voting power of the purple circle can achieve. Why on earth don't we atheists have the same power? I thought Europe was the most secular part of the world. Perhaps Britain is different: I know that Australia is.

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    Ah the power of religious pressure groups, bending laws to their will, because as we should know our mortal laws are beneath the church, they have gods laws! Our lowly laws demanding equality, freedom and justice, reason tolerance and such are contemptible to the church, they prefer their archaic laws of Moses allowing genocide and rape, not to mention all those fantastic things in Numbers, Judges etc…
    Sadly I can see the same thing happening here in Aus, its not an impossibility, it shouldn’t be shrugged off. Damn this pisses me off! Think about it, we discriminate against homosexuals in our marriage laws, and adoptions laws* (I think not certain on this point), do-gooders who know more than you prohibit euthanasia, it would just be the next point in a long list of injustices already tolerated by our society.
    "God said it. I believe it. That settles it"...its really a masterpiece of concision. Acres of impenetrable theological bullshit have been whittled down to a simple definition of what faith actually is.
    Pat Condell

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