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Thread: QLD: Woo-niversity?

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    Default QLD: Woo-niversity?

    Esoteric Linky

    Researchers who promoted an alleged cult and showcased its bizarre healing claims in published studies have embroiled one of Australia's top universities in an academic misconduct probe.

    Key points:
    UQ faculty members promote unproven treatments linked to alleged cult
    International journals considering pulling research
    University launches conflict-of-interest investigation
    The University of Queensland (UQ) and two international medical journals are investigating alleged ethical violations in research around Universal Medicine, an organisation based in Lismore in New South Wales, which touts the healing power of "esoteric breast massage" and other unproven treatments.

    An ABC investigation can reveal three members of UQ's faculty of medicine have publicly advocated for the controversial group.

    Founded by Serge Benhayon a former bankrupt tennis coach with no medical qualifications who claims to be the reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci UM is a multi-million-dollar enterprise with 700 mostly women followers in 15 countries.

    It is linked to Mr Benhayon's Way of the Livingness religion, with UM followers urged to follow his strict lifestyle instructions from diet and sleep to sex.

    Mr Benhayon's acolytes include Christoph Schnelle, a UQ faculty of medicine researcher who was the lead author of three articles on UM health practices.

    He and eight co-authors are now under scrutiny for an alleged failure to declare their roles in what has been described as "a dangerous cult" by eminent medical educator John Dwyer from the University of New South Wales.

    The ABC has obtained video of four of the researchers publicly advocating UM practices, including two doctors.

    Two more researchers are presenters at the Benhayon-founded College of Universal Medicine.

    The others are a naturopath and a psychologist who practice at UM's Brisbane clinic, and a director of its UK-based charity.

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    Default Re: QLD: Woo-niversity?

    I read this rticle this morning. Fucking outrageous.

    A GP once mentioned "the balance of nature" to me, a woo-ish phrase I'd recently been contemplating because I just seen it debunked in a documentary abut neo-conservatism and its bogus foundations.

    Another GP practice (which we used while my kids were growing up) has recently started offering "treatment" by alternative therapy charlatans also based at their building.

    The wedge was inserted a while ago, now there seems to be real leverage to bend and break real, evidence based medicine.

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    Default Re: QLD: Woo-niversity?

    This was taken up on 'The World Today' on ABC Radio. Link has audio:

    University of Queensland academics linked to alleged cult
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