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Thread: Asian House Geckos - a spreading invasion

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    Default Asian House Geckos - a spreading invasion


    Has Reptile Pauline Hanson been contacted for comment yet?

    They're creeping into lounge rooms across northern Australian tiny house guests, who fight loudly and often, before disappearing into the cracks.

    Experts say Australia's population of Asian House Geckos is booming in the country's north, as they slowly march southward.

    The lizards with big unblinking eyes are the country's only introduced species of gecko.

    It is most likely that they made their way here hidden in shipping containers, says Queensland Museum reptile expert Andrew Amey.

    "There's quite a diversity of geckos in Australia but the ones you'll see most often, definitely these days, is the Asian House Gecko," Dr Amey said.

    "They were seen in Darwin in the 1960s and they've been spreading slowly ever since.

    "Now in Brisbane they're ubiquitous, they're everywhere and in WA they've reached as far (south) as Karratha.

    "How far they'll get I really couldn't say."

    Concerningly creepy
    The problem is, we don't really know very much about them, says Dr Amey.

    Some people view them as helpful, as they eat insects.

    But they could also be introducing new parasites.

    "Some people feel that all they're doing is invading urban areas where people live eating the pests that are attracted to our lights," Dr Amey said.

    "But there's another school of thought that says there is evidence that in some situations they are invading natural bushland and displacing native geckos."

    "They're more competitive, they're aggressive and there's also the potential that they're introducing pests, parasites and diseases."

    "So the jury is still out."

    "Sometimes you see the two species on the same wall and it's quite difficult when they're running around on the wall to actually tell which one is which.

    "You need to look at their toe pads really they've more of a spatula shape whereas the native gecko has a rounded disc.

    "You just have to catch them first!"
    House gecko foot:

    Attachment is a native Gecko, Gehyra dubia. Note lack of claws on toes closest to body.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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