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@Mr black.
I just finished reading it.
I guess you have already read it.
I wonder if EQ42 has any interest in reading the factual history of Mr Greg Anderson.

@EQ 42
Why didn't you mention the following in your assessment of Mr Greg Anderson:
The Child pornography charges, threatening the coaches life, constant unprovoked attacks of Ms Batty, driving an unregistered car, threatening his own son with a knife, smoking drugs in front of his young son, failure to appear in court. These all show a total lack of consideration for others and his son.

Also, Ms Batty tried her best to allow Anderson to have contact with Luke. And the restraining orders were put on Anderson for Luke's protection, by the courts, which make sure there are good reasons for such orders.

The only hint of evidence that Ms Batty was aggressive to Anderson was a restraining order he tried to place against her, which was probably done in retaliation to her having one placed on him, and he withdrew the allegations that she attacked him.

If you can find the time to read the coroners report, maybe you will change your mind about Mr Greg Anderson.
Thanks, NNY.

It was a tough re-read.

I don't think EQ42 comes here any more, but hopefully he will wake up one day.