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Thread: Ireland beats us again

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    Default Ireland beats us again

    Pubs in Ireland to open on Good Friday after 90-year-old ban is lifted

    Irish pub owners are celebrating after a 90-year-old ban on the sale of alcohol on religious holidays was lifted.

    The ruling means that pubs in the country can serve alcohol on Good Friday for the first time in almost a century.
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    Default Re: Ireland beats us again

    Well considering this is Ireland they may only be making something legal that was already a common practice, you don't need to open your doors to sell people beer and a ban is only as good as the will of the people to keep it.
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    Default Re: Ireland beats us again

    Great news Loki, I see that the Irish atheists have put up a Facebook page mocking their blasphemy laws,

    Does anyone know whether we have one in Australia similar to this one?

    At least we can watch movies legally here in Oz, not so in Northern Ireland

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