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Thread: Twitter: Self-appointed expert says depression "a choice". Nek minnit...

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    Default Twitter: Self-appointed expert says depression "a choice". Nek minnit...

    Andy Richter just perfectly shut down anyone who thinks depression is a 'choice.'

    Tweets have been edited and blued for formatting reasons

    Earlier this week, a Twitter user named Asia with 544 followers tweeted her controversial belief that "depression is a choice."
    asia @_asiastabler
    depression is a choice
    6:50 AM - Nov 13, 2017

    Despite only having a couple hundred followers, Asia's tweet proceeded to go viral, with thousands of people responding with their thoughts on the matter. She even tried to back up her nonsensical opinion with an even more nonsensical explanation.

    One of the most potent responses shutting down Asia's belief that depression is a choice came from Andy Richter.

    At first, the comedian responded in a bit of a rage.
    Andy Richter ✔@AndyRichter

    Oh really? Well “go fuck yourself” is a directive.
    1:37 AM - Nov 18, 2017

    But about a half hour later, Richter pulled his car over to explain exactly why the tweet made him fume so much.

    Andy Richter ✔@AndyRichter
    Quote-responding to this tweet may seem like shooting fish in a barrel, & yet it is 30 mins later & I have pulled over after school drop-off to respond further because I am angry.
    2:12 AM - Nov 18, 2017

    He then described his personal experience with depression, something he has dealt with for most of his life.

    Andy Richter ✔@AndyRichter
    I have been followed by an ever-present amorphous sadness for almost my entire life. I am 51 yrs old. It varies in strength from a casual unresolvable suspicion that I will never find the joy that others do in a sunset, to the feeling that being dead might a respite & a kindness
    2:16 AM - Nov 18, 2017

    The clincher?
    Andy Richter ✔@AndyRichter
    “Depression is a choice” = “your pain is your fault”
    “You can overcome this if you just try hard enough” = “Your pain is making me uncomfortable. Please shut up.”
    2:30 AM - Nov 18, 2017

    And more at source

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    Default Re: Twitter: Self-appointed expert says depression "a choice". Nek minnit...

    You're f***ing kidding me. If depression is a choice, then why the hell would I stay depressed?!?
    “It's not my responsibility to be beautiful. I'm not alive for that purpose. My existence is not about how desirable you find me.” ― Warsan shire
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    Default Re: Twitter: Self-appointed expert says depression "a choice". Nek minnit...

    The idea that depression is a choice inhabits the same realm of woo as the idea that sexual orientation is a choice, and for that matter, homelessness as a choice or unemployment. Some people, especially of a religious bent, seem to have a belief in a supercharged-turbo free will.

    I'd speculate that all these things are based on belief in perfection. God's world is absolutely perfect it's just that we make poor choices - like depression and having sex with our own gender.

    To spill over into politics, i reckon a similar mentality is at work with homelessness and unemployment. Our liberal capitalist system is perfect, it's just that some people make poor choices - it's really their fault. To go even further, extracting resources from the ground and setting fire to them is a perfect system, therefore climate change is not real. topic.

    There is something terribly mendacious about claiming free-will as the cause of mental illness. Telling sufferers it's their fault could have life threatening consequences for some people.
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