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Thread: PORTUGAL - Bible Used To Justify Wife-Bashing

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    Default PORTUGAL - Bible Used To Justify Wife-Bashing

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    Bible used to justify leniency towards a violent criminal
    Back in 2015, an unnamed man in Portugal was given a 15-month suspended sentence and a fine of 1,750 euros (around £1,5002) for using a bat spiked with nails to assault his ex-wife, leaving her covered in cuts and bruises.

    The prosecutor, according to this report, had argued the sentence was too lenient and asked an appeals court for prison time of three-and-half years.

    But earlier this month the judges rejected the appeal. In their written ruling, they judges expressed “some understanding” for the attacker, saying a woman’s adultery is:
    A very serious offence against a man’s honour and dignity.
    They noted the Bible says an adulterous woman should be punished by death and also cited a 1886 Portuguese law that gave only symbolic sentences to men who killed their wives for suspected adultery.

    The judges at the appeals court in Porto, Portugal’s second-largest city, wrote that they were making reference to the Bible and an old law:
    To stress that a woman’s adultery amounts to conduct which society has always condemned and condemned very strongly.
    The ruling became public this week and sparked outrage on Portuguese social media, with numerous rights groups speaking out.

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    Default Re: PORTUGAL - Bible Used To Justify Wife-Bashing

    No wonder she cheated, someone with a mentality capable of extreme violence would be a nightmare to live with. People like that don't just snap and become super violent, it's already there somewhere.
    How the hell does this kind of sentencing happen in Europe? A suspended sentence? Does that mean he's free to stalk and finish off his wife?
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