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Thread: Greeting from an Ex-Muslim

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    Quote Coryate said View Post
    According to SBS last night , there is a secret society of Ex-Muslims in Australia. having heard of what happens to ex-muslims in the UK, I'm not surprised they want to be secret.
    Saw that and was pissed off with the presenters comments often implying that they may just be victims of radical interpretations and that with a moderate interpretation they may want to return to their religion. And SBS then provide a link to an Imam who will provide a less offensive interpretation of the Koran to help them return to the religion.
    How about a link to the AFA?
    The meaning of your life, is what you choose to make it.

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    Hi Faris, and welcome to the real world,
    We are born into a religion, but have the opportunity to grow into a larger reality. Congratulations for being courageous enough to wonder.

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