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Thread: Patreon Censoring the Anti Religious

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    Default Re: Patreon Censoring the Anti Religious

    Quote DanDare said View Post
    One of the best you tubers posting on critical thinking and the failings of religion in a careful and rational way is TheraminTrees. If you haven't seen their stuff go to Its well worthwhile.

    However Patreon is beginning tocensor such works, despite their being clear, and reasoned and not antagonistic or hateful to any person.

    Here is what TheraminTrees posted just recently:

    I am not sure what the call to action is. Ideas appreciated.
    Yes, as it has been pointed out by Blacky it's more to do with contravening YouTube's TOS. They make the rules and it's usually a waste of time complaining to Google about how they choose to demonetise. The forums are useful for picking up info. I got hit big time a few years ago when I was making very good passive income from my Adsense sites. Re-targeting by pixel tracking is a better strategy for branding and regaining lost clients - you would have experienced those annoying ads that you are forced to watch before you get to watch your original video. Annoying for sure, but they work a treat for small to medium DBs

    Thanks for letting us know about TheraminTrees, I'll check it out.

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    Default Re: Patreon Censoring the Anti Religious

    I once entertained the thought of trying to make videos in the style of ThereminTrees and QualiaSoup. I sat down to write a script and realised how bloody hard it is to make something compelling, so I gave up and went back to electronic eye and ear candy.

    It took me two years before my adsense/youtube monthly revenue reached the threshold where google pays up... i.e. $100. So I was making $1 a week! I COULD have worked harder at my videos and tried to make something people actually wanted to watch. But instead I opted to give up on the whole money-making thing. I deleted all the shitty videos I made just to chase views, and left the ones I wanted to have on there. Channel views went from 300,000 to 10,000. I also de-monetised myself. No more annoying ads for the few people who want to watch my little creative efforts.

    Now I have a policy of trying to make all my output free and open source. I've leeched so many terabytes of stuff from bittorrent, soulseek, avaxhome, napster, audiogalaxy - you name it, I was in there gleefully, so it seems fair.

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