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Thread: Which label is correct?

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    Quote WesternGeo said View Post
    So we are atheists mainly due to the fact that a majority of our species are theists.
    I think this is the main reason that I find the word Atheist to be important.

    I don't posses a belief in unicorns but I don't find it necessary to label myself as an aunicornist and I don't frequent aunicornist forums to discuss unicorn related topics that are important to me. The reason is that we don't have in our society cults of people who believe in unicorns and use those beliefs to try to shape our communities and create laws based on those beliefs.

    On the other hand, we do have groups of theists who believe things about gods and those beliefs shape their efforts to make the world a worse place to live in with their opposition to abortion and same sex marriage and their hatred of transsexuals and fluffy kittens (I assume!). Because of that we need people to stand up and oppose those beliefs so that we can better build a society that matches the desires of all the people, not just the theists.

    I don't think rationalist is a better term because as mentioned earlier, many religious people think that they have rational reasons for their beliefs. When a politician looks at the census data and sees 70% religious and 30% rationalist, he can assume that those people marking rationalist are just like them, and can safely continue creating rules based on the bible.

    When the census data shows that 70% are religious and 30% are atheist, in direction opposition to the beliefs of the religious, well, the politicians will still ignore us, but it might be a little harder to justify. And one day those numbers might reverse and the politicians won't be able to ignore the atheist majority, probably because most of them will also be atheists. And about that time we can stop needing the word atheism altogether.

    I am an atheist me, and proud of it.

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    The various inputs are wonderful in that they give me a good perspective on atheism. I intend to read up on this subject. My task is clear. :-)
    Se tutaj religioj estus fortiritaj de nia Tero , la vivojn de la tuta mondloĝantaro plibonigus. (For a translation, please see my profile)

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    It does you much credit, IT, that you are keen to become informed. (thumbs-up smiley)

    Iím not one of the dead ones yet. - Ms Fishie.

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