In 1970 I read Do It! by Jerry Rubin. Yippies. Youth International Party. Playpower: the Politics of Play. Revolution For the Hell Of It. This is in the days of the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon and opponent Hubert Humphrey (Humbert Humbert)

Abbot Howard "Abbie" Hoffman was Rubin's yippie revolutionary compadre. Jewboys.

Today we have death threats committed against Mamasan restaurant in Surrey Hills for a Jesus cartoon. I didn't know there were militant, criminally reactionary Christians in Australia these days. Is reaction a symptom of the times? Is this an outpouring of the open belligerence on social media where everybody gets to have a democratic say?

Jerry Rubin, ever the rebel died at 56 jaywalking on Wilshire Boulevard, L.A. in front of his penthouse. In 1970 he had become one of the early yuppies. Investing in Apple Computer he became a multimillionaire.

Interesting individual, Jerry Rubin. The Resistance may become a Renaissance yet.

Entertaining and enlightening reading here. Why be paranoid, after all?