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Thread: Is Athiesm A Science Or A Belief

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    Lol. Some of the word play here is so witty. I dont understand it 100% but I get the gist. I admire everyones ability to relay facts and you are broadening my perspective. Thank you for that. Im not offended by you all challenging what I choose believe although my slight sense of ego sometimes feels crushed.

    inspiration is the affable information one graciously bestows upon the beholder

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    No one is (or can for that matter) doubting the sincerity or amazing nature of your experiences. what atheists, don't tend to do, is ascribe an ulterior meaning to those experiences. as spearthrower pointed out, we are (and you should be too) all too aware of the fact that our brain is easily fooled. moreover, it seems like you don't have a good explanation for these experiences, so you attribute them to some higher power. what's wrong with saying "I don't know"? and how do you get from not knowing to knowing? in other words, how do you jump from "wow, this was amazing. I really can't explain why or how" to "it's XYZ". this is what is known as argument from ignorance (ignorance here means lack of knowledge, not stupidity). a more common example of that is UFOs. people go from "I just saw something I can't explain" to "must be alien spacecraft".

    Just as science has explained where floods come from or that evolution is a process we can see in real time my questioning the reality of a higher power numbs the joy.
    I really don't get your point. how do you know it numbs the joy? have you tried?

    Yes it would. Which is why I cling to it as an amazing and beautiful experience.
    again ... how do you know? or let's think about it a different way: do you appreciate a xmas present less than when you were a toddler because you now know santa is not real?

    I find some of the sarcasm I have encountered here and arrogance (which may be based on confidence) quite unappealing and cold.
    these aren't aspects of atheism, they are aspects of atheists. atheism does not inoculate one against being an asshole or an arrogant prick .

    I find the constant references to scientific method and theory distant as I am incapable of fully understanding them
    I beg to differ. you might be unwilling but you are not incapable. we all did. it is possible. in fact, it is quite easy. spreathrower explained it quite well. but you have to jettison all these ideas about super natural, high powers, ethereal energy and so on, question yourself and demand evidence.

    For example I will greet a Muslim with the phrase assalamualakium and state I am not muslim but that like to greet them according to their culture. I will say Allahu Akbar meaning God is Great although I will also assert I am not Muslim.
    this is pretty common amongst atheists too. for starters Salam Aleikoum is not religious. it simply means peace on you in Arabic. and even Allah hu Akbar (3 words) ... plenty of us say OMG or Geezus or goodbye (comes from god be with you) or for christ's sake. these are just linguistic tokens. so if you say Allah hu Akbar and you mean OMG, or "who the fuck knows", this is just polite.

    Just as I will appreciate and converse with a follower of Kemetics by being accepting of his belief system and not challenging it
    this is a slightly different case. would you be just as accepting if their belief was that all women are sperm receptacles and should have no say in who they have sex with? in other words, how ridiculous or heinous someone's belief has to be before you will not accept it?
    The less people know, the more stubbornly they know it. (Osho)

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