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Thread: Theramintrees losing faith : a journey

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    Default Theramintrees losing faith : a journey

    Theramintrees is one of my favourite youTube bloggers and this is his tale about being christian and then leaving it behind. Its passionate and insightful.

    "History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government".
    -Thomas Jefferson

    Burden of proof is the obligation on somebody presenting a claim to provide evidence to support its truth (a warrant). Once evidence has been presented, it is up to any opposing "side" to show the evidence presented is not adequate. If claims were accepted without warrants, then every claim could simultaneously be claimed to be true.

    History isn't written by the victors. It's written by the people with the time machines.

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    Default Re: Theramintrees losing faith : a journey

    Gotta love the theramin!

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