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Thread: Global Atheist Convention 2013

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    Default Global Atheist Convention 2013

    Is it too early to ask about this years Convention?
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    Default Re: Global Atheist Convention 2013

    As far as I know the earliest possibility for the next GAC would be 2014.

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    I am not speaking on the behalf of the AFA here, I don't know the facts, but even if there was to be a GAC in 2014 the work involved preparing would have to have been going on well before now I would have thought. AS far as I can recall there was no commitment to hold another GAC in the near future, not to say there wouldn't be.

    I'd love to think they could be held every few years but in all honesty I don't know how practical that really is. I don't know if you saw the organisers and volunteers at the end of it all, they were so exhausted I could have appreciated there not even being another, at least for a while, for the personal toll is must take. I just count myself lucky to have experienced what I have.

    Someone mentioned in another thread which rang true with me is that if there were frequent GAC's we would be expecting bigger and better each time. Measuring one against the other. These past two events have been quite an achievement and an amazing experience for me, I don't know how realistic it is (not to mention the cost involved, the mammoth amount of organisation, personal dedication, logistics etc) to expect an event of that scale every few years. If it wasn't to the same scale (or grander) it would be a grand talking point for all the nay sayers.

    I'd like to think there is scope for a smaller format event or events here and there, where a speaker or a few might be able to share their wisdom over a days' event. This would obviously not be referred to as a GAC.

    I like to keep the past GAC's in my memory banks as a few spectacular events that I will remember always.

    I hope I am not sounding like glass is half empty here, I just don't want people to get their hopes up too much

    Who knows, saying all this, there might be a GAC2016 for all I know (or can hope!).

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    Next year would be the earliest if there is one. Only the inner sanctum knows for sure.

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