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    I have come across an Australian organisation that is campaigning for scientific rigour to be applied to alternative medicine practices. They are opposing the teaching of therapies such as homeopathy and iridology in universities.

    Some of you may already be aware of this organisation, but I don't recall seeing it discussed here and thought some of you may be interested in their work. See info below from their website:

    Friends of Science in Medicine

    Who are we?

    Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM) is an association of concerned scientists, clinicians and members of the public who support a rigorous application of the best science to any health-related profession and oppose health education and practice not based on convincing scientific evidence.

    We are currently campaigning:

    "to reverse the current trend which sees government-funded tertiary institutions offering courses in the health care sciences that are not underpinned by sound scientific evidence".

    Our commitment:

    Friends of Science in Medicine is committed to:

    - maintaining tertiary educational institutions free of health-related courses not based on science;
    - engaging regulatory authorities (and other responsible health care bodies) to reduce the real and potential harm from 'complementary and alternative medicines' (CAMs) not based on science;
    - publicly challenging non-scientific principles of many practitioners of CAMs, revealing their covert attempts to deceive the public;
    - engaging the broader public to help clarify the exciting potential of more science for better medical care;
    - educating the public to help them understand how to receive evidence-based health care and how to avoid misleading and sometimes dangerous alternative CAM practices.

    What we oppose:

    - teaching university health courses or topics such as homeopathy, reflexology, chiropractic, iridology etc; it contradicts the commitment of tertiary institutions to maintaining the highest educational and research standards, compromises the real science taught in those Institutions and gives undue credibility to unscientific practices. Our health care system should not tolerate these so-called professions with their roots in non scientific principles.

    What we support:

    - teaching about the history of the concepts and treatments that are embraced under the CAMs but we oppose the teaching of the actual concepts and treatments as valid science.
    - all students preparing for a career in healthcare learning about CAM approaches so they can understand the claims being made and help those they care for make informed choices about their healthcare.
    - those allied Health sciences (such as physiotherapy, nutrition, etc) with solid empirical bases and consistent with the principles of science.
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    @ BD- they appear a good thing to me. Anything that helps reduce the influence of woo especially the alt med woo is a good thing.
    The FSM (not the pasta version) were on last weeks Skeptic Zone podcast.
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    Default Re: Friends of Science in Medicine

    Quote AUSloth said View Post
    The FSM (not the pasta version)
    I found the alternative meaning of FSM amusing

    Thanks for bringing the podcast to my attention.
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    Thanks for heads up....let's see if they'll have me!

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