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Thread: Pete's 1st Post

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    Quote Crocodile said View Post
    ClayMonk: Where were you when all this started? Haven't seen you around for ages mate.
    (apparently peterm13 did some "solid reading" and became a christian because he thought it was "more logical" and shit)
    Yeah I drift across here every now and then I wasn't around when Pete came on.

    I sincerely doubt that Pete asked the right questions if he came to the conclusion that Christianity was true by "research".

    Pete if you are reading this - I was a "born again" Christian doing all the things that you think none of us know about, including having an imaginary relationship with an imaginary super-being. I sat in churches for 1352 Sundays in my time and I will not be wasting one more minute of my life doing the same, so it's a big NO from me in regards to your challenge.

    Quote Xeno said
    Good to see you drop in, Claymonk. I hope all is well with you. Enjoy GAC if you are going (I think you are?).
    Hi Xeno I'm not going to the GAC. I might go next year if I'm keen.

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    Hi CM, good to see you.

    I hope that peter comes back and reads your post, it would be well worthwhile IMHO.
    *Gods* are not only a legal fiction, but a fiction in every way. Just ask the nearest hippie...

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