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    Welcome to the Atheist Foundation of Australia Forums.
    In order to get the most out of your membership please take the time to read through the information on this page.

    Getting started.
    Okay, you've registered. Before you can post you will need to confirm your email address, simply answer the automatic message sent to you.

    Your first post.
    As we value our community your first post will need to be approved by a Moderator. We endeavour to complete the Moderation process as soon as possible.

    If you are a Member of the AFA.
    Current financial members of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc may access the Members' Area. Please send a Private Message to Admin stating your name as shown on your AFA membership and your status will be updated.

    Welcome from the President
    Here you will find a Welcome from the AFA President.

    Introduce yourself
    Please create a new thread and introduce yourself in this forum.

    The Great Big List

    While the provisions of the Great Big List are not strictly rules, they are definitely guidelines that allow forum members to get the most out of their time here, and allow their ideas to be properly heard, understood, explored, and tested. Please take the time to read and understand them.

    On the subject of ideas…
    It is important to understand the difference between attacking a person, and attacking an idea. Personal attacks are not tolerated, but it is open season on ideas. On these forums ‘bad ideas exist to be destroyed’. Likewise, be careful not to mistake an attack on your idea as a personal attack.

    If you feel you have been personally attacked in a post, click on the button in the top right hand side of the offending post. The Moderation Team will examine the post and take the appropriate action.

    The Infraction System.
    We use a structured infraction system, the full details of which can be found here. Our infraction system deals with three core categories; procedural, conversational, and cultural. Here is a summary of the types of conduct that will attract an infraction.

    Create new account to circumvent suspension
    Creating multiple sock puppet accounts
    Ignore clear mod direction
    Malicious links in post/signatures
    Posting illegal material
    Repeated misuse of report button
    Repeated thread bombing
    Signature link without admin / mod permission
    Spam advertisements
    Unreferenced or spam links

    Obvious trolling
    Repeated misrepresentations
    Repeated preaching / proselytising
    Repeated refusal to accept burden of proof
    Repeated refusal to acknowledge specific questions
    Repeated refusal to provide support for assertions
    Repeated use of demonstrated logical fallacies
    Repeated use of demonstrated unreliable source
    Repeated use of scripture as authority without demonstrating God exists
    Repeated use of the "Gish Gallop"

    Discriminatory/bigoted posting content - disability
    Discriminatory/bigoted posting content - gender
    Discriminatory/bigoted posting content - race
    Discriminatory/bigoted posting content - sexuality
    Harassment/threats of harassment
    Hate speech
    Privacy violation
    Repeated anti-equality themes
    Repeated personal abuse
    Threats of violence

    Please note:
    A single post can result in multiple infractions, which have an accumulated point value. All infractions result from consultation amongst the Moderation Team. Only in unusual circumstances will a single moderator infract in isolation, and the Moderation Team will later examine such an infraction.

    The Moderation Team may, at their discretion, issue a “warning” to a member. Warnings attract no infraction points, however, if a member fails to heed a warning they can expect to be infracted.

    Dispute resolution process.
    In the event a member want to dispute the merit of an infraction they have received they can click the 'Contact Us" link at the bottom of the forum.

    Forum members who cannot post in a manner consistent with the forum rules may find themselves suspended, banned, or confined to the Religion, Unreason and Similar Tropes section of the forum.

    The Moderation Team.
    Our Moderation Team are happy to help with most requests, or you can Private Message Admin at any time for extended support.
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