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Default Re: Christianity is dying.

Meanwhile, in the UK:

Britain is fast becoming one of the least religious countries in the world. Although vestiges of the religious establishments that formerly set the pace of British public life still manage to exert power, more and more British people are leaving the faith of their parents behind.

A recent study by the National Centre for Social Research found that more than half of the adult population does not have a religion, but more encouragingly 71 percent of 18-25-year olds report the same thing. Today’s figures show a marked difference from the first survey in 1983, when only 31 percent of the public was a-religious.

This becomes even more striking when the percentage of those who consider themselves religious are compared with those that frequent their various places of worship: of the 17 percent that are identified as members of the Church of England, only 1.4 percent of these people care enough to actually attend church. Whilst some attribute this shift more to a change in societal attitudes than to a dramatic drop in the number of sincere religious believers, one thing is absolutely clear: religion is losing its appeal and church leaders are noticing.
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