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Default Re: In defence of Gonski

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They may be a business but I highly doubt that any are for profit. Mostly it would be a cash-neutral enterprise, like a charity, registered club or building society.

Irrespective of private vs public debate, with the sheer advancement of human society over the last 20 years with internet, social media and 'fake news' I concur that much of the curriculums of all Key Learning Areas need updating. In mathematics in particular, the current national syllabus is bollocks. It was written by a pure mathematician that has no empathy with the average student who has zero interest in algebra and geometry.
You would have to look carefully into their records and have full access. It is easy, even for a puppy with no accounting skills, to make a company look as if it is making a loss. You can send profits overseas, buy materials or equipment, and send them to another division or school. Make shell/holding companies. There are millions of tricks, all legal somewhere.

Eg. Take Australia post. OK, once upon a time there was just the postal division. It used to handle all physical mail, like letters and parcels. But with the internetz, web orders went up, and letters went down. Australia post was still making a profit, because parcels volume went up while letter volume shrank.

Along comes an account and tells the CEO to split the mail division into two: parcels and letters! Oh look, letters is making a loss! But parcels profits are increasing. Bad, bad letters! Go sit in a corner and wear the dunce's hat!

You can do this with any business. Chop it into divisions and departments and look for those areas that make a loss. Outsource the ones "making a loss" to the lowest bidding sub-contractor, which is why most of us can spend a half an hour on the phone trying to get support! the profitable bits you can sell off.

Basic corporate raider techniques!
Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.
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