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Default Re: In defence of Gonski

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Private schools are a business pure and simple. And most schools and even governments have no clue about what we need to be teaching kids to survive let alone be successful. Rapid technological change means we need a new approach to education. Technology has made learning accessible to everyone and not something reserved for the privileged few.
They may be a business but I highly doubt that any are for profit. Mostly it would be a cash-neutral enterprise, like a charity, registered club or building society.

Irrespective of private vs public debate, with the sheer advancement of human society over the last 20 years with internet, social media and 'fake news' I concur that much of the curriculums of all Key Learning Areas need updating. In mathematics in particular, the current national syllabus is bollocks. It was written by a pure mathematician that has no empathy with the average student who has zero interest in algebra and geometry.
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