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Default Re: 20 million people without food

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Many of the problems in Africa, the Middle East and other parts of the world today are a direct result of decades or even centuries of meddling and manipulation and outright exploitation by the western world. And while we (and our allies and our strategic rivals) continue to meddle and intervene and even slaughter when it suits our purposes, we cannot simply claim that their problems are of their own making.
Indeed, and because the African Union [which does need help to stabilise the situation] know that "The West" have been less than honest brokers with a long history of exploitation, any genuine attempts to help tend to be viewed with [understandable] suspicion and mostly rejected. Not that the former Soviet Union Warsaw Pact mob did any better, or indeed the PRC at present. So many proxy wars between colonial powers and little [proxy] "hot wars" during the [so-called] cold war between the USA and USSR, give African little if any choice in getting AID without strings attached.

I suppose that is why Robert Mugabe has lasted so long. I think most folks would recognise the guy is a bastard, but at least he is their bastard, and not some foreign bastard.
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