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Default Re: Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Kim Jong Un is a madman in my book, but I totally agree with him in his assessment of Trump, and Bush for that matter.

But back to the US gunz thing. If one must have gun rights, one must also have obligations attached to those rights, something the NRA has refused to acknowledge.

The principle of an armed population is not necessarily a bad thing, BUT, and it is a big BUT, the whole point of the right to bear arms was to put reasonable fear into a government not to become authoritarian over it's people. But the "cure" has become [and in fact always was] worse than the "disease" [the fear of people being oppressed by government].

That fear is not necessarily unreasonable in terms of world history. But in effect, the USA has been at war with itself since it began, and as Hack's posts point out, the casualties of this "civil war" have been higher than official wars.

But it is even worse, because most of these gun crimes [if we agree that the USA has always been at war with itself] amount to war crimes because most users of guns do not have the training or restraint of a well disciplined army or police.

So the gun nutz [which seem more self-serving than honest] have created a situation that they were "trying" [allegedly] to avoid. Instead of a tyranny of government, they have the tyranny of armed anarchy.

And worse, most of the gun crime seems to be race-related [discounting suicides of course , although even there some deaths may be due to being subject to racial hatred for a lifetime].

But as well as the tyranny gunz, there is the tyranny of religion, which motivates and habituates people to think in terms of blind faith rather than evidence and reason.

Racists and sexists are unlikely to accept the finding of evolution-that all humans are varied but equal. That goes against the self-serving religious pap known as the Great Chain Of Being, which put white male "rednecks" at the top of the heap. And there they want to stay, even after slavery is abolished, and segregation, and all the rest of it.
Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.
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