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Default Re: When Climate Change Denial Is All One Can Do.

You would think with all the right wing talk [in Oz and elsewhere] of "homeland security" and defending against the evils of terrorism, such folks would welcome PV solar and wind power in particular.
Big shiny penis projects like massive nuclear, coal, gas powered electricity plants are centralised into big, easy to attack terrorist targets. Whereas solar and wind power can and often are decentralised, smaller scale networks at the domestic or small business level that are impossible to knock out or cause mayhem if they are designed properly. [Physical security].

Of course, anything with electronic controls can be hacked, but that is the case with ALL networked systems.

In other words, the terrorist threat campaign is just that- a mechanism to push a stone age ideology, and threaten civil rights and freedoms.

Further, by subsidising old money, innovations are suppressed, so these fascists are anti-enterprise, business and fair trade.
Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.
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