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Default Re: When Climate Change Denial Is All One Can Do.

The ridiculous thing about this concept is that there's so much more money in climate denial, surely if the scientists wanted cash they would all be working for big oil. The idea that there's no such thing as altruism has been toxic for decades now. Clinton and Blair went for it. Obama tried to turn it around, he explicitly spoke about people being motivated by public service. It was one of his themes but it didn't get traction.

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Reading this short article I was filled with indignation, rancour and dudgeon, about Charles Koch and the exclusive Mont Pelerin Society, of which John Howard is also a member. Maurice Newman, Bob Day. Is Tony Abbott a member too? Why wouldn't he be?

To claim that climate scientists and cancer research scientists fabricate falsehood and obfuscation out of purely pecuniary interest says nothing about such a claim and everything about the claimants, their total amorality. Their sacred neo-liberal ideology is toxic. They themselves are maleficent, dangerous, criminal. And they know it.

We members and contributors to the AFA Forums do it because it is hugely rewarding but one also hopes to do some good, I'm sure. It looks it to me. Something has to be done.

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The idea that climate scientists are in it for the cash has deep ideological roots
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