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Default Re: When Climate Change Denial Is All One Can Do.

i just heard American Professor Jeffrey Sachs on the radio, talking about the possible criminal liability of politicians who deny climate science and corruptly do the bidding of big energy companies. This article he wrote spells it out, with Texas as an example. To the constant drumbeat of climate denial, politicians beholden to big oil have failed to act on the growing flood risk.

As I was reading the article, the compulsory CNN video popped up on the web page. It was the Texas governor Greg Abbott, in his law-enforcement style shirt with its Lone Star logo, talking about the emergency recovery... appropriate behaviour during the hurricane crisis, but it was also a bit of ironic governmental theatre given the content of the article next to it outlining Abbott's role in the leadup to the storm.

In other words, Texas is the moral hazard state.

Here is what has not happened: There has been little or no effort at zoning protection to keep development clear of floodplains; little or no offshore and onshore infrastructure for flood protection; no discernible heed paid to the scientific evidence and indeed the growing practical experience of catastrophic flood risks; and of course, relentless, pervasive climate change denial, the mother's milk of Texas politics.

So, here's the deal. Those of us elsewhere in the US also suffering from flooding and other disasters from warming temperatures, rising sea levels, and more intense storms (such as New Yorkers who are still rebuilding from 2012 Hurricane Sandy) want truth from Texas politicians and the oil industry.

We are bearing the costs of your lies. We are tired of it. More importantly, we are in pain and solidarity with the good people of Houston who are losing lives, homes, and livelihoods because of your lies.
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