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Default Re: Adani's Coal Extraction Nightmare

Darwinsbulldog said View Post
For the most part, these commodities [and including energy, fossil fuels] have been under-taxed, and often subsidised directly or indirectly.
100% agree

And for the most part primary industries like mining, farming, have been exported without much in the way of value-adding.
that's why they are called 'primary' industries . Exporting finished products would have priced us our of the market because of our high labour costs.

Despite massive exports of all types, we have little to show for it. The Australian people, and especially, the indigenous sector, has had, at best, only crumbs. And most of the profits have gone to under-taxed, and off-shore, corporations.
here I disagree. While what you sat towards the end is true, the Australian economy has benefited enormously. One of the reasons we did so well in the GFC and still are doing well comparatively is because certain growing economies still want what we have in the ground.

But ... we could have had more, and what's worse, we squandered an opportunity to use the boom to fund forward looking strategic programs like NBN, education (anyone seen the latest OECD PISA report?), R&D (e.g. renewables)

The stupidity and short-sightedness is tantamount to treason against the Australian people.
we have to bear some of the responsibility here. we keep voting the fuckers in.
The less people know, the more stubbornly they know it. (Osho)

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