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Default Re: Adani's Coal Extraction Nightmare

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Anyhow, 7% is a pretty big slice of pie but...well, it's not that big! Factor in the environmental cost of mining and I wonder to myself...why the fuck are we even still doing it? We need to slowly phase the industry into obselescence don't we? It's not that vital. We living on one of the sunniest continents on the planet, don't you think we could maybe take the lead in solar technology? It just makes no sense.
Although I agree in principle with your sentiment in regards to coal mining, most other mining is essential to our modern societies and Australia is a big player.

For example:
  • Iron Ore - Australia 25% of world output
  • Nickel - Australia 9% of world output
  • Aluminium - Australia 29% of world output
  • Copper - Australia 5th largest producer
  • Gold - Australia 10% of world output
  • Silver - Australia 6% of world output
  • Zinc - Australia 12% of world output
  • REE - Australia 8% of world output

Mining has and will continue to be a major part of the Australian economy. I look at it as an opportunity to make sure that this essential human industry is done in a way with the most minimal impact on the environment, rather than letting miners run loose under less regulated jurisdictions.

From my experience in the industry we have had mixed success in Australia, some projects are planned looking at the whole life of the mine and include rehabilitation costs factored into the project. Others are merely out to dig up as much as possible, make a quick profit, then go broke, leaving the environmental responsibilities in limbo. It is up to our regulators (and legislators) to stamp this out, but it will mean some marginal projects do not go ahead due to increased costs.
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