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Default Re: 20 million people without food

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Is there no guilt to be cast upon the local governments? Is this really the fault of the great powers? I'm sure China, Russia, USA and Europe aren't innocent of foul practices but these four nations about to run out of food are really not high on anyone's list of places to play the great global power and money game are they?

There is also an environmental factor at play, extensive drought i believe but it seems the main problem is war, corruption and incompetent state management.
The problem is the local governments, the local political institutions and rulers, the countries themselves are all imposed, in all cases by outside forces, and never with an understanding of existing tribal and geographical dependencies.

Africa was to rich and attractive to the superior technological societies of Europe and while they never fully managed to wipe out the underlying tribal make up of Africa and Africans they did impose a political and national superstructure that fits like a corset on a hippo.

The modern nations, the current governments and political powers are our creation, our gift to Africa you might say. A lot of the current nations reflect the pre-colonial social and political make up in name only. The Kongo Kingdom is now The Democratic Republic of Congo, but it's not because it actually also incorporates several pre-colonial social and political groups. The Great Zimbabwe Empire taken over, expanded and renamed Rhodesia, but not really because they forced other tribal groups into the single country.

Sorry studied this shit for the basis of some of my books, yes we screwed Africa up, it is all our fault (or our ancestors at least). Blaming the current Governments and politicians for the problems is simplistic at best, completely wrong at worst.

Don't ask me what we can do about it now though, I am as clueless as the rest of the world!
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