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Default Re: Dissecting ptutt's assertions

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Just catching up and had to do a quick double take on this.

Let me take the concept apart a little.

Instead of worrying about chemistry and physics lets just talk about a mind as a thing. If a particular set of circumstances present them selves in exact detail, when the state of the mind is an exact reset to the original state then, yes, the same decisions will play out on every repetition.

So what?
Above we are talking about a single instance in time. That is, a particular brain state and sensory input...agreeing to the above we can extrapolate to every instance in time. That is to say, whenever a person is confronted with sensory input...there is only one possible outcome which will be predetermined by their current brain state (leaving aside possible randomness at the quantum level).

So the persons actions are purely determined by a previous brain state and sensory input...all the way back to the womb.

The issue here is, at no point do we have any ability to override this train of choices. All the 'choices' you have ever made are not really if you could have chosen something else. They are choices made like a chess computer (self learning or otherwise) chooses it's next move.

This is not an argument against the view above, just a personal note, that I find it difficult to accept and it is counter to my perception of reality.

Wouldn't the above view then be supporting fatalism?

We concern ourselves that that state of mind exists and that its reaction to a situation is one that we do not want, so we look to see how we can alter the state of that mind so it will produce better decisions in the future. If we cannot then we look to restrict the freedom of the person to carry out their decisions.
The above could make some sense about how you can act in such a way as to influence another mind, but it doesn't make sense if you are referring to influencing your own mind...I would suggest that you are your mind.