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Default Re: Atheists I challenge you to try and find any contradictions with my view of after

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I have dealt with the practical problems as seriously as I can and you insist of answering the problem I pose with "it's magic."
Without a tenable mechanism and some evidence of it in action, I still can't bring myself to care. You are begging the question and I am sick of it.

"Creator Being can do it because Creator Being can do anything" doesn't solve the problem, it just gives a noun (usually people refer to God) where the solution to the problem should go if one exists. I don't think a solution exists, and I don't think the problem exists, because you haven't shown any evidence that what you propose is happening.

I have been as patient as I can be in trying to get you to think outside your "Creator Being is the acest thing ever" framework and I have failed.

Good day!
but is my view possible at ALL
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