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Default Re: Is Secular Humanism superior to Christianity? - Matt Dilahunty vs Matt Slick

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I've been subject to this entire interaction since Slick's first call regarding TAG on TAE, and indeed I've interacted with Slick and kicked his arse on CARM chat.

Some of you will recall a debate I engaged in at RDF, not my best performance, but still. That debate was instituted after Chris Weaver, then a student of apologetics at university (he says philosophy, but he's a Kraigbot, really) was throwing his weight around at CARM, so I visited the chat to give him what for. I got dog-piled by Weaver, Slick and their sycophants in the chat, so I challenged Weaver to a debate.

I've watched the whole interaction with some interest as a result.

Slick, as with all presupps, can't defend any position except via asserting that nobody but a presupp can account for the laws of logic, the laws of the universe etc. Of course, the presupp can only account for them by fiat insofar as he can account for them at all - not that they require an accounting.

Slick is a perfect example of why reasonable people get frustrated at presuppositionalists,because trying to have a reasonable, reasoned discussion is like filling a string bag with custard.
For clarification, you're talking about Chris Weaver, not the poster Weaver (atheist ex-military firefighter) yeah?
-Geoff Rogers


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