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Default Re: Is Secular Humanism superior to Christianity? - Matt Dilahunty vs Matt Slick

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Not sure I can face the debate, but the answer's clearly 'yes'. Christianity is tribal and believes others are going to face eternal torture for not leaping hoops while in humanism there is no 'other'. Christianity requires you lend credence to anti-human positions, buy into antiquated magical guff, and to remain infantile outsourcing ethics to the supernatural - humanism requires no magic and supports the idea of being responsible for ones' own actions.

There's no comparison here at all. One is the collective shaved bumfluff of nasty little dingleberries vying for divine diktat to administer their squabbles, and the other is the hope that humanity can be more than children.
Do watch. Matt S does not engage the topic and goes off an a straw man argument and argument from incredulity that is astonishing in its awfulness. The second vid has Matt D going over the lead up to the debate and its most enlightening.
"History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government".
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Burden of proof is the obligation on somebody presenting a claim to provide evidence to support its truth (a warrant). Once evidence has been presented, it is up to any opposing "side" to show the evidence presented is not adequate. If claims were accepted without warrants, then every claim could simultaneously be claimed to be true.

History isn't written by the victors. It's written by the people with the time machines.

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