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Default Re: Nice beer that I'm having thread

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Living in Qld means we don't get many of the beers from down south. I'd never even heard of Co-Conspirators until now and do I know a lot about Aussie brewers.
I stopped trying to keep track.
I live about 15 minutes from Bacchus. It's a little dangerous. I'm up to 76 different beers from Bacchus. Their single hop IPA's are to die for. Though Mr Dogs doesn't like them that much. Strange.

I met Ross the brewer last GBW and spent the evening chatting and drinking with him. He is quite a raconteur. I did not see the IPAs on the site but I think they have a lot more at the brewpub than what is available online.
Ross is really nice. Grab some single hops if they become available.

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