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Default Re: Donald Trump

I look at all the Republican potential candidates and, as the saying goes, I can't even ...

The most gobsmacking thing, in general, is conservatives (including Scalia, who is ON the bench!) saying things to the effect that the legislature should have power unfettered by the Constitution. Can you imagine if a Dem said that?

The irony of this given the whole anglo-American experiment, in terms of the early British colonists and then the Revolution thang, was about freedom and rule of law. Again, given the supposed love of conservative for these origins, I more or less can't deal with this this information one go - it's more than my on-board processing can handle - without screwing up my face so much in disbelief that it hurts.

Trump. I can't even. The unfathomable thing is not, however, that he exists and thinks that he can be politician; that's a dime a dozen circumstance. What is unfathomable is that he has a sincere following.
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