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Default Re: New website urges Australians to Keep Religion Out of Politics

"I guess so. I'm Catholic, but I'm not a good one because I don't go to church.. ever and disagree with lots of things" *ticks Catholic box*

I don't think the question alone is clear enough. It could imply that only people who have denounced their faith could consider themselves without religion. Depending on other information on a poster it could imply that they've just provided you with a great piece of information and want to know if you're religious now, after hearing it; to which the answer is "I didn't just change my mind, so I guess I still am".

For the full message of the campaign to work, people need to investigate further. Reading the FAQ on the website is good, but a lot of people won't bother. The campaign needs discussion to happen and/or have it explained.

The point of the poll is to let people see that they would answer the same, and would normally tick the box. The results of the poll lead to the discussion question "Should you be ticking the box if those are your answers?".

I don't think 5 questions in a phone poll (or however they'd run it) is a lot. With only the 1 question, I don't think you'll change more than 10% of the religious box ticking. People still consider themselves as part of a religious group, simply because that's what they were and they haven't officially left it. If there was an annual renewal process (even if free), a lot of people would stop bothering and THEN would know they're not part of that religion because of their conscious decision to not renew. As membership is perpetual and they haven't cancelled.. most think they still are, even when not and "Do you consider yourself to be religious now?" isn't thought-provoking enough to consider the answer any more than the Census question.
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