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Default Re: Dissecting ptutt's assertions

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If the command is moral then to not follow the command is immoral. It would be immoral for justice not to be served for immoral actions.

An all powerful God can opt to create creatures with free will, the ability to choose not to follow commands. This is not a limit of power but a choice not to control all choices of creatures.
Again ptutt, you have nothing but claims here. Claims that depend on many things being true, but which you have not proved to be true.

Ethics is the study of morality. To be an ethical person requires the examination of morals. You are avoiding this, by going back to god's commands again.

Why not try to discuss an ethical approach to a human giving orders which may be questionable in a moral sense.

For example, what do you think are the merits or dis-merits of a death penalty? Leave god out of it for now, because it is obvious at present that we are talking past each other. Let's try and find some common ground. We wont do that by you insisting god exists, he commands, and you obey.

Countries exist, laws exists, death penalties exist. Let us have a debate about that.
Just stick to the idea that science tests falsifiable hypotheses to destruction.