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Default Re: Patreon Censoring the Anti Religious


Mar 30 2017 -

First they came for prank videos, then they came for sexy make-up tutorials, then they came for gamers, then they came for politics, weed and everyone -- YouTube basically came for everyone.

The video site is not messing around with its ad-block button as it scrubs itself clean for marketers after hundreds of brands froze spending there because ads were appearing alongside objectionable, and even terrorist-backed, videos.

It has sent a note to advertisers telling them about new filters they can apply to campaigns that will help them avoid more types of objectionable content. There used to be two filter categories known as "sensitive subject exclusions" for "sensitive social issues" and "tragedy and conflicts," which advertisers could proactively avoid.

Now, there are five exclusions, including "sexually suggestive," "sensational and shocking," and "profanity and rough language," according to an agency executive who received the update from Google.

"Advertisers can be more conservative by implementing sensitive subject exclusions," Google said in its note, which was sent out within the past week.
The new filter categories are some of the first tangible steps coming out of YouTube to address content concerns and give advertisers more control over where their ads appear.

They also mean creators will face more scrutiny over their subject matter.

The YouTube purge has been affecting channels from the The Rubin Report, which offers political commentary, to H3H3Productions, a comedy channel.

"Curious if any other YouTubers saw a massive hit on monetization in last week," Dave Rubin wrote on Twitter. Mr. Rubin interviews provocative political thinkers for his "Rubin Report" videos.

Blair White, a twentysomething transgender woman with sometimes unconventional views, responded by saying she had videos "demonetized."

"Not massive but still frustrating," Ms. White wrote.

Conservative talk show host Steven Crowder lamented that his channel was being censored by being categorized into the age-restricted version of YouTube while liberal media was displaying as normal for all ages.

Meanwhile, some channels that don't even dabble in politics saw videos taken out of circulation for advertising, like Ethan Klein's H3H3Productions, which makes comedy videos.
Last week, YouTube warned creators that the site could "demonetize" videos.

"There's a difference between the free expression that lives on YouTube and the content that brands have told us they want to advertise against," the company said in a blog post on March 20.

YouTube declined to comment for this story but pointed to online forums where it told creators to be patient while it works out its new policies and protocols for advertising.

"If you're seeing fluctuations in your revenue over the next few weeks, it may be because we're fine tuning our ads systems," YouTube said in a web forum on Wednesday. The company has also given creators new tools to appeal videos that get flagged.

YouTube is trying to thread a tight needle by working with advertisers that demand wholesome content while maintaining a vibrant creator community.

Even Breitbart is upset

Forbes mag

The rules for how you make money on YouTube changed this week (except not really?) and YouTubers are throwing a bit of a social media tantrum about it.

As they are wont to do, because their businesses have now been disrupted without a moment's notice thanks to a corporate decision at YouTube headquarters they will never be privy to.

And here’s the irony: YouTube inadvertently started this controversy by adopting a new transparency policy in an attempt to foster goodwill with the community. Now, when your videos get demonetized (aka stripped of advertising), YouTube will email you to let you know (and why), something they weren’t doing before. How kind of YouTube corporate. Before, you were demonetized, and kept in the dark about it.

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