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Default Re: Patreon Censoring the Anti Religious

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What is "demonetised"? Is that an English word?

De-money-itsed? You no longer have to pay?

Or is it "demon-ested"? Made with demon's fenestration?

Or a demon's e-singing contest?

Means the videos are cut off from making revenue.

Normally, revenue is linked to views, or more specifically to full views of pre-roll ads. When Youtube demonetises a video, it removes it from that algorithm. Which doesn't actually serve as censorship, since the video is not removed from Youtube. I think it's delisted from referral algorithms as well, though.

That's for Youtube, though. I've no idea about Patreon, as I've never heard of them demonetising content as much as just kicking people off - which still doesn't actually constitute censorship per se, as I understand it. I mean, we kick people off the forums all the fucking time, when they refuse to follow the rules, but that's not censorship.

None of this is to say that I don't think demonetising activist content providers like TheraminTrees (who produces really good stuff and you should all go and subscribe if you're able) is deplorable.

[If I could make some amount of a living through my activism, I definitely would, because it would free me up from having to work at other shit for a living, and I could entertain you all the more by ceaselessly shouting into the void (that would be my dream: activism and making stuff full time, rather than when I can squeeze it in around work).]

We need people to be able to make a living in activism, because it takes a lot of work to have a serious effect. So I'm seriously interested in exactly what's going on in this instance, and keen to see what I can do to help.
-Geoff Rogers


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