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Default Re: Precautionary use of Video Card

Azurisan21 said View Post
I'm not sure that I'm even overclocking my GPU - I do not know how to do this yet and wouldn't want to.
Many years ago, I did fiddle with overclocking CPU's and GPU's, the thing is, if you don't know what you are doing, it can end in fucking the hardware beyond fixing.
Azurisan21 said View Post
I'm really disappointed that it is nowhere near the top performance-wise.
It is a laptop right? I'm not sure on this, so open to correction, but I don't think the top of the line GPU's come in laptops, or if they do, they cost a bunch.

Azurisan21 said View Post
If setting graphical settings at medium-high/beyond the recommended settings is unlikely to damage the video card so as long as performance runs smoothly (and as I've tried already, e.g. Mass Effect: Andromeda), why the hell does GeForce Experience panel optimiser set all graphics at very low and even screen resolution of 1600 x 900 (my laptop's is 1920 x 1080) for, for instance, Mass Effect: Andromeda in accordance to the video card's capabilities, if I were to launch from this panel? This leaves me wondering if I should abide by GeForce Experience's recommended settings to avoid any consequences like hardware failure.

Are you able to elaborate on that, Sendraks?
Running the game or any game in high or ultra setting wont damage the card, at worst you'll get a frame rate reduction that may make the game unplayable. Depending on taste, some people prefer 60 fps at a minimum while sacrificing details, while others are happy with 30 fps but with all the bells and whistles (graphics wise) turned on.

I'm not sure why the panel optimiser is setting the settings so low, I did have a similar issue when I had two Voodoo 2's running in SLI many years ago, I would have to reconfig a lot of things to get the most out of it.
Currently running two Nvidia cards in SLI and even though I don't have the issues I had with the two Voodoo 2's, occasionally the software will say it must be run in low res and on low settings, but cranking it up causes no issue. Could be a similar thing with your 1050, it may quite easily be able to handle higher res and better detail, but default for some reason may be turned to low.
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